BFAM Day 1: Please Forgive Me if I Act a Little Strange

Alright. So it may be that I’ve finally gone insane. Or it may be that my bff has been bugging me about not blogging during the entire month of April. Or it may be that, for some reason, I find torturing myself with ridiculous, time consuming projects entertaining.

Whatever the reason, I have decided to undertake the impossible:

What is this nonsense, you ask?

Well, since I failed dismally at blogging in April, despite the presence of an internet call-to-action to do just that, I am going to atone for my sins by blogging every single day in the month of May.

So, via another former Hoftie, today begins BFAM. (Please do not confuse this acronym with BAMF. I am not attempting to be a bouncer at Coyote Ugly.)

Unlike my now-rechristened 3-6-Fail project, if I fail at BFAM, there will be a punishment–besides posting a FailBlog for each day I miss, I mean. If I fail to blog more than three times in May, I will attempt, during June, to do a Month of Strangers photo project.

I do foresee a few problems with this plan (not least of which being the fact that I do not have a reliable or consistent internet connection at my apartment). However, despite these obstacles, I am going to press on. If I could blog every single day during my month in Bosnia, I can surely manage to blog everyday this month, right?

Let’s hope so.

Look for my first proper BFAM post tomorrow.


One Response to “BFAM Day 1: Please Forgive Me if I Act a Little Strange”

  1. 1 whippy

    Hooray!! I’m so glad you called last night too! 6 days until I get out of jail aka grad school. Go Pens!

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