BFAM Day 7: Just Because I’m Losing Doesn’t Mean I’m Lost

I’m not normally a fan of Coldplay, but oddly enough, today their lyrics seem vaguely appropriate, given the hour I spent letting my brain atrophy while watching LOST last night.

This week’s episode was called “Follow the Leader” and, as always, Mickey O’Connor’s got a great review up on The recap is almost better than the show these days, and I’m sad to admit that I think Libby may be right about this show: It’s just lame.

I must be a glutton for punishment, because I’ve stuck it out through five seasons already and each has gone more and more steadily downhill. But, I’ll stick it out for one more, deluding myself next September into thinking that its sixth and final season is going to be its best ever.

Alas, I digress.

They always kill my favorite characters: First Charlie. Now Daniel. I swear, if Ben had actually managed to kill Desmond, I would have mutinied. The show opened last night with a replay of last week’s final scene: Eloise Hawking shooting her son, Daniel Faraday, in the back. (I have yet to figure out 1. Why, if both of Daniel’s parents were British, he has an American accent, and 2. Where Daniel’s last name–Faraday–comes from if his father is Charles Widmore and his mother is Eloise Hawking. I can only surmise that the writers think it’s clever to use the names of two of the most famous physicists and conveniently reverse the names with the characters’ attributes: Eloise Hawking told the Oceanic 6 how to get back to Fun House Island using electromagnetism to draw lines on a map–Michael Faraday was the father of electromagnetism in the nineteenth century; Daniel Faraday explained the location of Fun House Island using space-time physics and the theory of time travel, a la Stephen Hawking. Alas, I digress, again.)

Daniel’s death is distressing, but anymore on Lost, I expect everything to be distressing–distressingly unimaginative, that is. The writing used to be so good and funny and entertaining. The surprises used to be huge and important; now, if there are any surprises at all, they’re predictable and boring. I’m not quite sure anything actually happened during last night’s episode. Sayid came back, which was nice. Jack and Kate had their final falling out, thank goodness. The Island conveniently told Locke where and when to be so that Richard could get the bullet out of his leg.

The only enjoyable scenes were the ones with Ben and Richard. At least Ben still gets all the good lines. Richard: “I’m beginning to think John Locke might be a problem.” Ben: “Why do you think I tried to kill him?” At the very least, the writers are still giving Ben one or two cryptic digs every show.

Other than Locke leading the Hostiles on a hike, Sawyer getting the crap beat out of him, and Jack taking an extra dose of crazy, nothing seemed to happen that actually progressed the plot.

Next week is the season finale, which ABC would like us to believe will be “Explosive!” (They say that about every episode, though, and nothing too explosive has happened all season.) Considering Dr. Chang’s conversation with Miles last night, I can only assume that next week, we will see this Dharma video as part of the show. But probably not. There are also rumors that we’ll find out who Jacob is, but I highly doubt that, also. Someone “big” (because Daniel’s death was only “big-ish”) is supposed to die, also, and personally, I’m hoping it’s Jack.

At any rate, next week brings the uneventful fifth season to a close and also brings about the beginning of the end for we Losties: Season Six with be the show’s final season. My personal philosophy about the show is also (was also?) Daniel’s personal philosophy on the ramifications of the time-traveling castaways: Whatever happened, happened.

My use of the philosophy is less about time travel than it is about letting the writers do what they want to do. I might rephrase it: Whatever happens, happens. The show might be turning to crap, but I’ve stuck it out this long, and I’ll be damned if I give in before I get all my answers. Even if they are half-assed and contrived.

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