BFAM Day 8: Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This

I sleep with my windows open because I’m too cheap to turn on the air conditioning. Plus, I like the sound of the wind, and I don’t have allergies or anything, so fresh air doesn’t bother me when I sleep. However, sleeping with my windows open during an unbelievably loud and violent thunderstorm is not my idea of fun. I was rudely awaken around 5:15 this morning (after having a horrible dream about my apartment being flooded by a dripping ceiling and an overflowing toilet, ick) by my concrete bedroom wall vibrating in time to the thunder claps firing off outside my window. The rain was like Forrest-Gump-in-Vietnam-Sidways-Rain and the thunder and lightening were ridiculously loud and bright. Thanks to the early morning storm, I wasn’t able to fall back to sleep, and now I’m exhausted, crouchy, and I have a massive headache. None of which are conducive to being in a good mood, which I would like to be when my best friend arrives in six hours!

There was also a moat surrounding my apartment building when I left for work this morning. And it’s supposed to rain all weekend. Lovely.

As if the weather weren’t enough to make me crabby, this new transitory phase we’ve got going on at work is throwing me way off kilter. I doubt I’ve even mentioned it here, but recently, there was a huge editorial upheaval involving me losing all of my secular and fiction authors and being reassigned, exclusively, to the whack job religious authors. (Feigning enthusiam has never been my strong point and the past couple weeks have been very, very trying on my facial muscles–forced smiles are difficult to maintain for any length of time.) This morning, about a dozen catastrophes slid across my desk and between spoonfuls of cold, congealed oatmeal, I had to deflect emails from an author worrying about capitalized deity pronouns, figure out how to keep a horrendously overdue manuscript on schedule to publish in January 2010, and try to find a time to reschedule a Nashville to New York meeting so that all essential participants could attend. All this, before 10:00 am and with only one cup of coffee in my system.

I will now take deep, steadying breaths and concentrate on the fact that there will most likely be alcohol in my near future–Libby and I are very good at drinking in style.

Also, via Amy, holy crap, the Official White House Flickr Photostream is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.


One Response to “BFAM Day 8: Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This”

  1. We love sleeping with the window open here, but the weather (hailstones! In May!) precludes it too. We have a desk fan on the floor, it’s good enough for now. I find the sound quite soothing.

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