BFAM Day 9: You Changed My Face, I Think I Like it Better Now

There are several reasons why Libby and I are friends. The fact that, for the past five years of our ten year friendship, we haven’t lived in the same city or state at the same time for longer than a month has done nothing to detract us from maintaining our friendship.

We first met about a million and a half years ago as Brownies. I only stuck around long enough to learn the Girl Scout Pledge (On my honor, I will try…!) and go on one camping trip before leaving the Miami Heights Civic Center and watered-down lemonade behind for good. Fast forward several years, and you’ll find us in eighth grade, awkward and astounded to discover a mutal love of 90s soft rock bands in the form of the Goo Goo Dolls.

Sharing a propensity towards online diaries before such things as blogs were even heard of, Libby and I whiled away our high school days giggling over inside jokes like who the prettiest member of the Fellowship was and being pervy hobbit fanciers. (Honestly, nothing about this is remotely embarrassing.) And then we grew up and found ourselves interested in tacky fashion and Happy Bunny. And we spent a lot of time in college shopping at Urban Outfitters and drinking coffee at Sitwells because Clifton was just so cool.

At any rate, anyone who can put up with routine bouts of crazy from me over the past few years and then call me a loser in all seriousness obviously has my back. And I’ve got hers. Which is the only reason we put up with each other’s absurdities and awkwardness and utter ridiculousness.

And now she’s here in Nashville! And even though we’re having to share my 462-square-foot apartment for three days, it certainly beats the three days we spent last spring sharing my 42-square-foot rented room in DC. (By the end of which, Libby was close to wanting to murder me in my sleep.)

We have a history of doing down-right stupid shit when we get together after prolonged periods of time apart. Last year, after waiting out a freak rainstorm in a Japanese restaurant staffed by Koreans, we walked a mile from Adams Morgan, in high heels and dresses, to Millie and Al’s, where we mainlined Jell-O shots and tequila, and I was convinced we were sitting next to Theo from the Cosby Show.

This weekend, our plans include celebrating Libby’s birthday in style, renewing our annual tradition of getting tattoos in May, dyeing/cutting our hair (knowing us, the result might be something like this), and possibly taking on The Big Bang. It’s supposed to rain all weekend, so who knows what kinds of calamites that will bring.

But for now, we venture forth to find coffee and sustenance!


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