BFAM Day 13: There’s a Place You Can Go

Like almost everyone else I’ve ever met, I am on a quest to be healthy. I have been on this quest for the past year and a half, with quite a bit of success–even accounting for a few minor setbacks. The problem with having been in an eating and exercising routine for the past 18 months is that it has become just that, a routine.

When I joined Urban Active in Nashville, I paid for a two-year membership up front. I don’t have a monthly payment, which is nice, and they also offer spinning three times a week, which is excellent. The thing they don’t offer is a pool.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been a competitive swimmer for well over five years, my body has somehow managed to maintain its shape as if I were still a butterflier. I have broad shoulders and a strong back, I have no hips, but muscular thighs and calves. Having spent near to 13 of my formative years doing flip turns and smelling like chlorine, I think it’s safe to say that I have quite a bit of muscle memory when it comes to swimming. And while spinning and weight lifting are enjoyable and have helped me lose weight, no form of physical activity that I’ve done in the past year and a half has been as fun or as motivating as the idea of getting back into the pool.

Like all YMCAs, the Maryland Farms Y, pretty much in the backyard of my office, has an indoor pool and a 50-meter outdoor pool. And amazingly, the membership fee for a “Young Adult” is affordable on my budget. (And who doesn’t need two gym memberships? Variety is the spice of life, eh?)

But, before I hop back in the pool, I might need a few accessories. I already have a Polar heart rate monitor, but I’m not entirely sure if my chest strap is waterproof. (So, if, by chance one of my parents is reading this and is interested in getting me a particularly useful birthday present this year, there’s always this!!!) And then, of course, there’s the issue of workout music. No workout is complete without the enhancement of a finely arranged soundtrack, and seeing as my precious iPod is definitely not waterproof, swimming with music is a bit problematic. (Which is why, if another one of my parents is reading this and is also interested in getting me something practical for my birthday, they might want to look into this, or something similar!!!)

(Aside: I’m thinking my trip to New York for my birthday is out.)

Anyway, I think I’m going to go to the Y after work today. I just can’t resist the allure of chlorine.

My sister and I used to play volleyball in high school, also, and lately her Facebook statuses have been full of updates about the sand volleyball league she’s currently playing in. I don’t know how much the fee is, and at any rate I think joining another sports facility is a little out of the question right now, but Nashville Sports Leagues offer seasonal volleyball leagues and I’m so tempted to sign up for the summer one!

Oh man, decisions, decisions.


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