BFAM Day 14: There’s an Island Hidden in the Sound

Last night, LOST Season 5, also known as Fun House Island Goes Batshit Crazy, came to a resounding and explosive (Thump!) close.

A far better recap and analysis than I can provide is located here, but suffice it to say that, for a show that has been confusing and preposterous from the start, LOST has finally gone off the charts of convoluted and far-fetched.

With just one season to go, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse closed the fifth season by raising more questions than were answered. The feel of last night’s finale was reminiscent of The Good Ol’ Days, when Losties were Lost, and nothing on the island made any sense at all. The content of last night’s finale, however, was so varied and complex that the appeal of the original seasons was gone almost completely. The creativity is still there, there’s no denying that. But what was once a story of the survivors of a plane crash living together (dying alone?) on an island with a mind of its own has now morphed into a multi-dimensional monster even more terrifying to contemplate than Old Smokey.

The show opened with an ageless, timeless-looking, sandy-blond fellow frying fish and having a lie about on the beach beneath a somewhat Egyptian looking statue. Ah, the elusive Jacob, we meet you at last! But, soft! What light through yonder cliffside breaks? Yet another timeless-looking gentleman in a dark tunic, with dark hair and sad eyes, played by Titus Welliver. This new chap is never given a name, but he and Jacob gaze out at (what can only be) the Black Rock anchored off shore, and debate the nature of man. We’re meant to prefer Jacob’s take on humanity, but something about him struck me instantly as very, very creepy. (Whether fortunately or unfortunately, No Name reminded me in voice and appearance of an older and sadder version of someone I once had a crush on, so I found myself sympathizing with him–or, at least agreeing with him when he told Jacob, “You have no idea how badly I want to kill you.”)

There are, already, all kinds of theories on who No Name could be in the Lost mythos, but given the direction the show has been heading this season, I think I have a fairly accurate guess. From a Wikipedia article about Jacob of the Bible: “Esau was filled with hatred toward Jacob for taking away both his birthright and his blessing. He vowed to himself to kill Jacob as soon as Isaac [died].” I can’t say I like or agree with the overt religiosity the writers have thrown in this season, but it does make for interesting brain fodder.

There were so many other questions raised last night, it’s difficult to know where and how to continue examining it. Sayid got shot in the gut, and from my limited knowledge of intestinal wounds, you don’t really recover from that without immediate (and modern) medical treatment–the kind that Jack, try as he might, can’t really perform with just strips of (amazingly clean) linen and a nuke strapped to his back. Juliet may or may not be dead, after her heartbreaking and horrific fall through the Pit O’ Electromagnetism and desperate attempt to detonate Jughead. Locke the Resurrection is apparently not. Richard can apparently defy time-travelling conventions by being in 1977 and 2007 simultaneously. We finally learned what lies in the shadow of the statue (He who will save us all; or That which we protect, depending on the translation). And Sawyer, Jack, and Kate are ideally placed to rekindle their triangular romance.

So now we wait. Lost doesn’t return until January 2010 and the question now is, how are they going to fit all that’s left to be explained into 16 episodes? Did Juliet detonate the Hydrogen bomb? Who is No Name and what’s up with him? Will Flight 815 land at LAX? Will 1977, 2004, and 2007 ever converge on the island or will the Losties be caught in an interminable cycle of time travel? Why, oh why is Sonya Walger (Penny) on the cast of Flash Forward next fall? (My only guess is that she gets the off from Lost, which is so upsetting!) And whose (allegedly female, though I doubt we can assume gender from it alone) eye did we see in the Season 6 Promo?

You guesses are as good as mine. But between now and next January, I plan on rewatching each season and keeping a record of any questions that have yet to be answered.


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