BFAM Day 15: They Say It’s Your Birthday


Today is my mom’s birthday, and since I can’t celebrate with her tonight, we’re going to celebrate in September, when I take her to see WICKED at Jackson Hall.

Last night I went to a Perky Bra Party, which sounds a lot less fun than it actually was. The basic premise was something like a Tupperware party, only with bras. Very nice, very shapely, very expensive bras.

I’ve never been measured before, but apparently, I am one of only 15% of American women who wear the correct bra size. The bras I tried on were really, really comfortable and flattering, and we had more fun than you would think is possible trying on unders, but I really couldn’t justify spending $62 for an undergarment.

Now it’s thundering again, which comes as no surprise, and the weekend is stretching out empty and welcoming before me. Yesterday morning’s inaugural swim at the Y was definitely worth the price of membership and I’ll be going back tonight to get my laps on again.

I’m halfway through BFAM and I haven’t missed a day. Even I’m impressed.


4 Responses to “BFAM Day 15: They Say It’s Your Birthday”

  1. Girl who actually owns a £125 bra (which doesn’t fit) plus matching knickers says nothing :)


  2. The hostess of the party overheard me saying I really wanted one, and since she’s possibly the most generous person in the world, she bought me one and then refused to let me pay her back. I don’t know how long they take to ship, but I’m pretty excited to get it. My bussies will definitely enjoy the lift.

  3. 3 kitty kat

    I want to go to a party! I invested in a few push up bras at Vickies for way too much recently- but I like having my boobs up where I can see them much more. P and I went up to Scoreboard tonight to see your mum and we bought her one of those budlights with lime in it. It was a good time- but next weekend will be even better when we hit the den for ol times sake. I can’t wait to see you! Keep up the bfams er whatevers, I’m glad to read every day!

  4. 4 Mom

    I just now have had time to catch up on your blog. Thank you so much for the birthday wish and the BEST GIFT EVER!

    I love you,


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