BFAM Day 16: Sun Been Down For Days

Blogging from Panera tonight for a change of scenery because, as usual, my downstairs neighbor doesn’t have his wireless turned on. But I have to admit that in the future, even though I suspect the baristas are tired of seeing me, I think I’ll stick with Starbucks’s WiFi. Not only is Panera’s dreadfully slow, but for some reason, their content blocker is blocking my access to the Scottish BFF. The warning I received claims that Last Year’s Girl, is in fact, full of porn. And unless things have gotten so awful across the pond that she’s resorted to flashing the internets, I suspect that Panera’s WiFi content blocker is LYING. Bastards.

Nothing much new to report over here, except that I’ve decided to go home next weekend for Memorial Day. Our half-day Fridays start this coming Friday, which means I’m off at 1:00, so I’ll at least get home by a decent hour. And having Monday off means I can do Sunday night at the Den with my BFF.

Ever since Robyn posted this video earlier this week, I haven’t been able to stop watching it. It’s absolutely adorable and it’s quite possibly the prettiest song I’ve heard this year. So take a moment from your Saturday night and enjoy Oren Lavie’s “Her Morning Elegance”.

Well, it’s still raining here in Nashville, and it’s a sleepy Saturday night, so I’m off Panera’s crap internet to go home to season two of Lost–which, despite suggesting the earlier seasons to my mom as possible birthday presents, I bought last night. Now I’m just missing seasons one and three. And five, but that’s not out until September. Anyway, season two is at least vintage-enough to remind me of why I started watching the show in the first place. Ah, the good old days: When hatches were blown up, Desmond was crazy, Charlie was alive, and Tailies were paranoid.

Good night, internet.


One Response to “BFAM Day 16: Sun Been Down For Days”

  1. LAST YEAR’S PORN. I’m still giggling.

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