BFAM Day 17: In Your Eyes, I See the Doorway

It makes me ridiculously happy to discover that my optometrist from home is an in-network provider under my insurance plan. (Which is more proof, in case I needed any, that my life has reached a new level of absurdity. Or maybe it’s called adulthood.)

Either way, I’m making an appointment for next Saturday while I’m home, and hopefully, I’ll be able to stop leaving work with a headache and permanently squinty eyes in the future. (Though in reality the headaches might be less the result of my myopia and more a product of the office in general, but that’s neither here nor there, and this blog is not the place for that discussion, anyway.)

I’m looking forward to a nice, new pair of glasses.


One Response to “BFAM Day 17: In Your Eyes, I See the Doorway”

  1. 1 K-Fray

    Hooray for new glasses. I’m glad you’ll not have as many headaches. :)

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