BFAM Day 18: Don’t Hang Around and Let Your Problems Surround You

Petula Clark’s song, “Downtown”, which is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, will forever and always remind me of the season three premier of Lost. That episode’s title is “A Tale of Two Cities”. Which is the book I am currently reading (and loving so much more than when it was assigned to me during my senior year in high school) and which was written by Charles Dickens. Who also wrote a novel called Our Mutual Friend. Which is the book Desmond refuses to read until he’s sure he’s going to die.



2 Responses to “BFAM Day 18: Don’t Hang Around and Let Your Problems Surround You”

  1. 1 K-Fray

    Television is important. I don’t care what all the pseudo-academic fucks who want to act like they are great because they don’t have television, much less cable. It is a source of communication and a form of media that undoubtedly influences everything we do. Television is written by writers, the same ones who write novels, poetry, and plays and no one seems to mind in that venue. So why does it matter if it is in this particular art form? Also, as you have just mentioned, these same writers draw on the classics like Dickens, Shakespeare, and even Greek/Roman mythology- thus getting those stories to an even WIDER audience! Gasp! Heaven forbid the layman learns of “higher” art!!

    This isn’t really supposed to sound as angry as it reads- I’m really just happy because I can do my thesis on The Twilight Zone and the Cold War and be taken seriously. Did you know Rod Serling lived in Cincinnati? God I love this city!

  2. The problem with Lost is that it’s gotten less and less about literary allusion (despite the fact the one episode in season five was a play on Ulysses!) and more and more about Biblical allegory. I’m just worried the whole thing is eventually going to implode upon itself in some Character-X-Dies-And-All-The-Losties-Are-Saved-Hoorah!-Jesus type-thing.

    I am really excited about your thesis, I think it sounds incredible! And refreshing! But I have no idea who Rod Serling is, so we’ll have to sit down and discuss at some point this weekend.

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