BFAM Day 20: The Best Things in Life are Free

So, JK-LOL, Part 2. My car is fine. Or at least, the reason my check engine light came on was electrical, not mechanical, and I’ve been cleared to drive home this weekend. Whew.

Sometimes I really, really love where I work. Not all the time, but certainly working for the fifth largest trade publisher in the US has its moments. Like yesterday, when we received three free books from our Spring-Summer 2009 list. Like today, when a company-wide media update email was sent out with a link to an article featuring a photo of New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg and our Boss, because the look on his face is just so jolly.

And then there are the rare, simple little things that just make my life as an Editorial Assistant so much easier. Like the new version of our internal software coming out tomorrow that allows me to edit a Fact Sheet without having each field pop up in a new window for editing. And another software release coming out next month that allows me to request manuscript payments online, rather than having to fax and overnight the hardcopies of the documents. Simple, but huge time-savers.

And then there are the authors. The ones who don’t complain and who cooperate and are helpful. Yesterday afternoon, around 4:30, I emailed one of our new authors with a fairly detailed list of things I needed from him. I gave him a deadline of June 5 so that I could make sure I had all of his information organized before the internal deadline of June 8. This morning when I opened my email, there was a message from him sent at 11:30 last night with all the necessary information and documents attached. This tiny little action on his part has not only made my job, but the jobs of several other people, about ten times easier.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make me happy.

(Though, the fact that he’s young, attractive, and has leftward-leaning environmental beliefs doesn’t hurt, either.)


One Response to “BFAM Day 20: The Best Things in Life are Free”

  1. 1 K-Fray

    So no bright blue yaris? Boo. For now.

    Well I’m at least glad that you are in the clear for driving home this weekend. I’m further delighted to discover that Summerfair is NEXT weekend and not this weekend and so I’m totally free for anything: starting with a cd release party at Northside Tavern on Friday night? Want to go hipster with me for a night?? I may even buy you a PBR. I really, really, really, miss you.

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