BFAM Day 21: All Beauty and Truth


Château and hut, stone face and dangling figure, the red stain on the stone floor, and the pure water in the village well–thousands of acres of land–a whole province of France–all France itself–lay under the night sky, concentrated into a faint hairbreadth line. So does a whole world, with all its greatnesses and littlenesses, lie in a twinkling star. And as mere human knowledge can split a ray of light and analyse the manner of its composition, so, sublimer intelligences may read in the feeble shining of this earth of ours, every thought and act, every vice and virtue, of every responsible creature on it.

High school English teachers the world over are really doing a disservice to their pupils by assigning them such beautifully written and intellectually engaging books as Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities before their pupils are ever of a mind to understand or appreciate them.

A Tale of Two Cities is one of the most amazing and thoughtful books I’ve ever read. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m sure I’ll dissect it when I do.


2 Responses to “BFAM Day 21: All Beauty and Truth”

  1. But see, I did it for my big high school project and it was my favourite book then…

    I wish I still had that particular piece of writing.

  2. You are a rarity, then. Because when I read it at 16 or 17, I was mostly overwhelmed. (As were the rest of my Advanced English class, and we were teh smart kids.)

    Also, why the fuck did WordPress place this comment in my spam queue? First it was last year’s porn, now it’s last year’s spam.

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