BFAM Day 22: Thought I Saw Thomas Pynchon at the End of the Bar

So, I took that quiz that’s been floating around on Facebook, “What [sic] Work of Literature Are You?” My result was Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment:

You have an unimaginable ability to rationalize your own wrongdoings. You see the world through your own eyes. Laws weren’t made for you, no, they were made for those who are not destined for greatness, and no matter what “wrongs” you commit, in truth it’s all for the good of the world, right?

I’ve never read Crime and Punishment and admittedly, I’ve only read tiny pieces of anything Dostoevsky ever wrote, but I feel slighted by Facebook for having given me such a wildly inaccurate result.

So I tried again this morning. And this time around, I got Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow:

You live under the duress of a world that seems consumed by chaos. In the night sky, always you envision the coming comet, hurtling asteroid, V-2, Kamikaze, or whatever guise the end might take. Still, along the streets pass quotidian errands, life continues. How could it? Don’t they realize the end is near? You realize, though the world around you is crumbling and eroding towards certain doom, somewhere in a meadow, perhaps very far away, a flower blooms.

This result is at least a tiny, tiny bit more accurate. (And I actually own this book. And once read the first three chapters before deciding to save it for a later, more apocalyptic date.)


One Response to “BFAM Day 22: Thought I Saw Thomas Pynchon at the End of the Bar”

  1. 1 libby

    i can’t believe you haven’t written about your tattoo yet here.

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