BFAM Day 25: I Could Just Taste It

This weekend at home has been pretty great. I found out on Friday night that my stepsister is pregnant again. My dad and Jenny got me an underwater MP3 player for my birthday and I’ve been mentally arranging a playlist for my next set in the pool. (I’m also pretty much obsessed with Kings of Leon right now, so they’re definitely going on.) Friday night, my best friend and I shut down the bar after playing jukebox nazis all night long and screaming THAT’S NOT MY NAME as loud as we could.

We spent Saturday afternoon poolside with the family, and my mom got me the first season of Lost for my birthday, making my Lost collection complete (at least until September, when season five comes out). Later that night there was an impromptu high school reunion party, complete with two recently returned Iraq vets–one of whom was my first boyfriend in sixth grade and who, despite having been shot in Iraq, is back and alive and going to go to school to be a teacher.

Yesterday, Libby and I went to the Taste, which was much bigger than I remembered, and we had delicious lettuce wraps and bread pudding and vegetarian crepes. When she left for work, I hung around on Fountain Square waiting for my family and made friends with the beer guys from the Mecklenberg Gardens booth, who were dressed in full German regalia and who were friends with the surprisingly good cover band playing behind us. Just as my dad showed up, I heard someone yell my name, and this is the greatest thing about Cincinnati: One of my best friends from high school, her dad, and her boyfriend just happened to be standing on the corner, having a drink after the Reds-Indians game. She was in town for the weekend, also, and it was absolutely fabulous to see her. Our little table of people grew increasingly larger and larger as my sisters showed up and their friends showed up and another friend from high school showed up. The sauerkraut balls were the highlight of my night, though.

But now I’m packing up again and getting ready to head down South. We’re going to stop at my cousin’s for a little bit of a grill out before I make the drive, but this begs the question: Since my cousin is my normal hairstylist and I haven’t had a haircut in six months, should I get my hair cut? And if so, how?

Hopefully this coming week will go quickly, seeing as we only work four days and our Fridays now end at 1:00.


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