BFAM Day 28: Does That Make Me Crazy?

Because we all know how much I like to torture/annoy myself with overwhelming projects, I’m thinking of taking on the Infinite Summer reading challenge.

The goal is to read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest between June 21 and September 22. Over 1,000 pages of post-modern literature, which doesn’t include the nearly 400 endnotes tacked on. It’s like Ulysses for a whole new generation of bibliophiles.

I figure I’m probably going to fail pretty epically at it, but they’ve got it broken down into 75-page increments per week, which actually sounds doable. And I’m sure the whole misadventure will be worth it, in the end. Afterall, Wallace was supposed to be one of the most brilliant writers of the 90s.

(Plus, we published the book, and I always like to support in-house authors, even if they are dead.)

If nothing else, it should make for interesting blog-fodder for the summer.


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