BFAM Day 30: I’m Your Ice Cream Man

One thing that annoys me about Nashville is the lack of decent ice cream. Summers growing up in Cincinnati were marked by weekly visits to the Lil Goodie Shoppe, Zip Dip, General Custer’s, and on very special ocassions, Putz’s. And of course, there was always Graeter’s and UDF.

Our summertime food groups were: sugar cones, glaciers, flurries, push-up pops, and sprinkles. Always sprinkles.

I’ve always known that Cincinnati is a fairly quirky city, especially considering some of the foods that originated there. But I didn’t realize that creamy whips were also unique to Cincinnati until a couple days ago when I went looking for one in Nashville. (Or that the term ‘creamy whip’ is a nearly-exclusive Cincinnati idiom!)

We have Dairy Queen and Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone here, which are all fine and dandy, and they’ll certainly suffice for satisfying my ice cream cravings. But summer just doesn’t seem like summer without sitting in the bed of my dad’s truck, swatting mosquitos, and licking ice cream off our fingers while the sun sets over the Great Miami River. Ice cream just isn’t ice cream unless it’s got the option of being served mixed with grape slushie or dipped in a hard chocolate shell.

I guess this summer I’ll have to settle for store-bought popsicles and ice cream sandwiches.


One Response to “BFAM Day 30: I’m Your Ice Cream Man”

  1. 1 Taryn Luken

    I think Nashville could use an Aroma’s!

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