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Of all the bands and musicians I currently list among my favorites, I have had the longest standing relationship with Pete Yorn. And I think, until last night, that was something I sort of took for granted. His are the songs I never skip on shuffle, but they’re also the songs I pay the least […]

This was the first year of many in recent memory that I hadn’t purchased a ticket to the midnight showing on release night of a Harry Potter film several days in advance. It honestly wasn’t even on my radar until yesterday morning, when I went searching for tickets and found that seemingly all the showings […]

First of all, I just want to point out the badassery that is my bff. Now I would like to move on to something that is equally badass, but for a much different reason. For once, I have actually arrived at the suggested reading quota for Infinite Summer on time. I made it to page […]

So I’ve had Pete Yorn’s new album, Back and Fourth for a couple weeks now, and only recently have I had the chance to sit down and really listen to it. I’ve been a fan of his for ages, even after I saw him wobble on stage, drunk out of his mind, at Bogarts when […]