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So I was supposed to start this new thing tomorrow where I wake up at 4:45 and swim for an hour and a half before work, but my veins are a-buzz with electricity and my ears are still ringing from what I’m officially declaring The Best Gig of My Life. So it looks like the […]

In my literary life, there is love and there is hate. I rarely close a book and say, “Eh, it was just okay.” If I don’t like it, I put it down. But if I love it, I refuse to let go of it. Almost everyone I know who has read or attempted to read […]

“It’s not lying; it’s looking at things a different way.” Some people were raised on rock ‘n’ roll, and while I was to a point, too, I was mostly raised on musical theater. My grandmother was always involved in some drama guild or other, and during the years we spent living with her, our bedtime […]

Aside from today being one of the most fantastic days I’ve had in a long time–including no less than a three-hour roadtrip, a tour of Graceland, and Lisa-Marie standing next to the Lisa Marie–I also had one of the most poetic experiences of my life. After standing in the humidity, staring down at the spot […]