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One Great City is the blog of me, Whitney. In addition to being a long time member of the internet community, I have also spent several years in recent memory lurking about on various blogs, always reading, but never showing my face.

In June of 2008, in preparation for several Big Events coming up in my life, I finally decided to make my internet presence known and official. Initially, I created One Great City as a platform for long-distance communication between myself and my family, my friends, and curious strangers while I ventured to Bosnia and Hercegovina for three weeks during the summer. Having served its purpose in that context beautifully, I decided to continue blogging about my transition from Washington, DC back to Cincinnati, my ceaseless job hunt, and later, my move to Nashville.

During the spring and summer of 2009, I attempted to use this blog to take part in various blogging challenges. In May, I participated in Beda-Fail-Atonement-Month, which roughly translated means that since I failed to blog at all in April, I made up for it by posting every single day in May. As you might have guessed, substantiative material got pretty thin on the ground a few days in, and though I succeeded in posting everyday, it was a challenge that had absolutely no benefit.

As June rolled around, I decided to take part in the Infinite Summer project, with the goal being to read (and comment on) David Foster Wallace’s mammoth novel, Infinite Jest. That plan failed spectacularly, and with just two commentaries posted and only 230-odd pages actually read by August, I decided to call it quits.

One Great City has now returned to serving as my forum for discussion of music, film, popular culture, and most importantly, books. You may also see memes, surveys, and long-winded diatribes about my irritating compulsion to see LOST through to its end.


One Response to “The Blog”

  1. 1 Dad

    Whit, your “about the blog” sounds more intelligent than most other blogs I’ve read on the Internet. I’m sure you’ll find a great literary type job soon. See you Monday
    Love Dad

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