The Author

I am a 20-something named Whitney, which should suffice as more than enough of a biography.

But in case that isn’t satisfactory, I’m a former English Major of the Year, grad school drop-out, editorial assistant with a love of dresses, poetry, red wine, and semi-colons (also, parentheses). I’m addicted to coffee and I think my professional life would be a lot less stressful if I could just wear jeans, sweaters, and Minnetonkas to work everyday. Sarajevo is my favorite city in the world, and ideally I would be independently wealthy enough to sit in the Bascarsija, drinking Turkish coffee, writing really terrible poetry for the rest of my life. I adore used bookstores and the smell of musty, old paperbacks. Music sounds best on vinyl, but I carry my iPod wherever I go.

I’ve been a school secretary, a salad-maker, a video store manager, a nursing home dishwasher, a Purple People Bridge Climber, an obituary writer, and a legislative researcher. I’m currently a resident of Nashville, but I’ve lived in New York and Washington, DC. My roots, my family, and my friends are in Cincinnati.

Trust me when I say that I only appear composed and articulate on paper; in real life, I’m actually quite ridiculous.


3 Responses to “The Author”

  1. Hi webmaster!

  2. 2 Joe Panza

    Guess who found your blog

  3. How come you love Sarajevo so much? Anyways, I’m really glad to hear that!

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