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In my literary life, there is love and there is hate. I rarely close a book and say, “Eh, it was just okay.” If I don’t like it, I put it down. But if I love it, I refuse to let go of it. Almost everyone I know who has read or attempted to read […]

It is with regret and disappointment that I make the following admission: I have officially given up on David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest and the Infinite Summer challenge along with it. As of last week, I was 200 pages behind schedule, and much as I really did love Wallace’s writing, I didn’t feel like spending […]

This was the first year of many in recent memory that I hadn’t purchased a ticket to the midnight showing on release night of a Harry Potter film several days in advance. It honestly wasn’t even on my radar until yesterday morning, when I went searching for tickets and found that seemingly all the showings […]

First of all, I just want to point out the badassery that is my bff. Now I would like to move on to something that is equally badass, but for a much different reason. For once, I have actually arrived at the suggested reading quota for Infinite Summer on time. I made it to page […]

So I’ve had Pete Yorn’s new album, Back and Fourth for a couple weeks now, and only recently have I had the chance to sit down and really listen to it. I’ve been a fan of his for ages, even after I saw him wobble on stage, drunk out of his mind, at Bogarts when […]

Libby got me the Drive-By Truckers’ album, “A Blessing and a Curse” for my birthday, which was pretty perfect of her because Friday night, I went to see Jason Isbell for the third time this year. He played the Cannery Ballroom, opening for some band I’d never heard of and couldn’t be bothered to stay […]

Because we all know how much I like to torture/annoy myself with overwhelming projects, I’m thinking of taking on the Infinite Summer reading challenge. The goal is to read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest between June 21 and September 22. Over 1,000 pages of post-modern literature, which doesn’t include the nearly 400 endnotes tacked on. […]