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It seems wildly appropriate that I should be writing this post to the tune of Death Cab’s Narrow Stairs, and I’ll thank Lis for the generous use of her laptop over the past few days. If I thought seeing Joan Baez perform in the Bascarsija in Sarajevo was a beautiful and fitting way to end […]

Radovan Karadzic, Bosnian-Serb mastermind behind the ethnic cleansing and genocide that took place in Bosnia and Hercegovina between 1992 and 1995, was arrested earlier this evening after a security sweep by Serbian security forces. Thirteen years after being indicted by The Hague for genocide, war crimes, and murder, and after thirteen years of hiding in […]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008. I woke up at 9:00, feeling a tiny bit hungover, but thankfully, not ill. The plague spread a little during the night and the vast majority of us were sick as dogs. Miki canceled our group activities and said he’d work on finding medicine from his cousin’s clinic. When he came […]

Tuesday, July 15, 2008. We begin this morning at the High Court of Bosnia and Hercegovina. When the ICTY expires at the end of 2009, the High Court will be entirely responsible for prosecuting war criminals. We got to watch a clip from an ongoing trial against 10 of the Srebrenica perpetrators. This is the […]

Monday, July 14, 2008. We left Sarajevo around 9:00 this morning and drove two hours south to Mostar. About an hour into the drive, we left Kanton Sarajevo and officially entered Hercegovina. Immediately, the scenery changed. The mountains because bald, rocky, severe things, instead of the round and coniferous hills of Bosnia. There was a […]

Sunday, July 13, 2008. Our only free day in Sarajevo and naturally, I sleep in. Ajla and I and a few other people decide we want a non-Bosnian breakfast, so we find a creperie on Marshal Tito Boulevard. Ajla’s chocolate crepe is delicious, but our cheese ones are a little dodgy. The Bosnian affinity for […]

Saturday, July 12, 2008. After an enormous breakfast and profuse thanking of our Srebrenica hostess, the trip back to Sarajevo begins. Just outside of Potacari, we stop in Srebrenica proper to pick up someone vaguely referred to as our “guide”. We were told that before returning to Sarajevo, we’d be stopping to meet with a […]