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Today is my birthday. And recently, I’ve discovered that I am lacking a certain amount of perspective in my life. A year ago, I was preparing to head off to Bosnia after wrapping up my failed stint in grad school. I was living in DC and I was fully aware of and engrossed in national […]

So, JK-LOL, Part 2. My car is fine. Or at least, the reason my check engine light came on was electrical, not mechanical, and I’ve been cleared to drive home this weekend. Whew. Sometimes I really, really love where I work. Not all the time, but certainly working for the fifth largest trade publisher in […]

I sleep with my windows open because I’m too cheap to turn on the air conditioning. Plus, I like the sound of the wind, and I don’t have allergies or anything, so fresh air doesn’t bother me when I sleep. However, sleeping with my windows open during an unbelievably loud and violent thunderstorm is not […]

LOTS of shake-ups in the publishing world of late. Simon & Schuster reporting a 3% decline in last year’s profits, HarperCollins closing Collins and handing out lay-offs left and right, the senior VP of merchandising at Baker and Taylor killed in Continental’s ill-fated Newark-Buffalo flight, and a little closer to home, Source Interlink has “taken […]

I don’t think I’ve ever explicitly stated who I work for on this blog. I think that’s kind of an okay thing, because I don’t want Google to be able to relate me, my name, and my company without having to do a little work. That being said, on my very first day in the […]

The first thing I’ve learned in the now four hours that I’ve been a Southerner is that, living in the state nicknamed the Buckle of the Bible Belt, means that establishments that sell beer cannot sell wine and establishments that sell wine cannot sell beer. How very fascinating. And inconvenient. Also, Nicole Kidman frequents a […]

Nose ring, tattoos, and frizzy burgandy hair notwithstanding, I have somehow managed to acquire the professional title of Editorial Assistant to one of the editors in the Nashville office of the fifth largest book publisher in the country. I applied for this position back in April, among the other thousands of resumes I sent out. […]