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I always look forward to writing year-end reviews and round-ups. And then I always sit down to do them and they always take significantly more time and energy than I am prepared to spend writing them. At any rate, and without further ado, let’s see how 2009 stacked up. You Can’t Even Begin to Know […]

It’s been one of those days where I feel like, if Nashville was a person, I’d be in love with him. The sun is out, it’s cold enough to see my breath in the air, and getting my Christmas shopping done feels like fun. Bookman/Bookwoman was toasty warm and I found a leather-bound, Oxford University […]

This weekend at home has been pretty great. I found out on Friday night that my stepsister is pregnant again. My dad and Jenny got me an underwater MP3 player for my birthday and I’ve been mentally arranging a playlist for my next set in the pool. (I’m also pretty much obsessed with Kings of […]

Being home is sort of fascinating, because when I’m away, I tend to forget how awesome and hilarious my hometown is. I’m so ready to be finished with BFAM, but I’m 24 days in and still going strong. Being home makes it difficult to compose my thoughts into a coherent blog, so I’ll just say […]

The cat is out of the bag. I was trying to keep this a bit of a secret, but my dear friend Libby happened to mention it in the last entry’s comments. Wednesday night, I spent two and a half hours getting my ribcage tattooed. With a crane. It is awesome. And huge. And pretty. […]

I am officially finished road-tripping. At least for a while. I’m also officially finished spending money. At least for a few months. My car and my checking account are making funny noises–the latter in particular, considering my student loan grace period ended last week and my first payment is due, like, now. Oh grad school, […]