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Day 24. I wouldn’t have thought Saturday night would have been able to be out-done. I left The Basement that night thinking that the sum total of my life’s happiness had just expired. Apparently, I was wrong. Now my life’s happiness has expired. It’s easy to forget just how hilly and winding this country’s interstates […]

(I have no idea how to even approach this post, considering that I am 1. completely at a loss for words, 2. pretty sure that I am still relatively tipsy, or 3. if number two is wrong, than I am most definitely high on life.) I sort of knew, but didn’t actually realize until I […]

LOTS of shake-ups in the publishing world of late. Simon & Schuster reporting a 3% decline in last year’s profits, HarperCollins closing Collins and handing out lay-offs left and right, the senior VP of merchandising at Baker and Taylor killed in Continental’s ill-fated Newark-Buffalo flight, and a little closer to home, Source Interlink has “taken […]

One of my goals for 2009 is to get the Internet at my apartment. I am sick of having to go to Starbucks whenever I get the urge to blog. This weekend with my sister was full of awesome! We had a blast, and I did much better at skiing than I expected–even accounting for […]