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Good news! My cell phone was recovered in the backseat of Melinda’s car. My life can continue uninterrupted from here. Yesterday was sort of interesting though, to not have that constant connectivity. I found myself wondering, What did we do before cell phones? (I actually had to do the old-fashioned thing and show up unannounced […]

In a move that is sure to cause me to be uncharacteristically happy at random moments everyday for the next eight months, my trans-Atlantic older sister/BFF has decided to pay me back for spending a week on her couch by booking a flight and crashing at my place for a week. Yes, you heard that […]

I think my priorities are slightly out of whack. I have a list of things I actually need (toothpaste and shampoo, for one; a new laptop, for another–this one’s been giving me the blue-screen-of-death roughly every five minutes, let’s see if it lasts the length of this blog), but instead of buying them when I […]

It is often a struggle for me to have a sister that I care adamantly for. I frequently find myself wanting to make decisions for her, even knowing that the choices I would have her make would sometimes make her unhappy, and that is unfair. As it is, she has recently made the life-changing decision […]

I know, I know, when I got back in the swing of updating a few months ago, I said I was going forward in a literary direction. So why have my past few updates been all about music? Because I haven’t read anything since I finished Twilight in December and I’m doing a whole lot […]

It’s over. I’ve spent the past 365 days taking pictures of myself, and this afternoon, as I sat surrounded by thumbnail-sized print outs of each shot, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I don’t know why I’m feeling sentimental about the completion of this project–more than anything else, my life will undoubtedly be easier now that […]

As if I don’t attribute enough of my musical taste to her already, when I left Scotland this summer, Lis sent me home with an overwhelming sampling of her CD collection. The most heavily-featured artist in that lot was a band called The Hold Steady. (And if you read her blog as avidly as I […]