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Because we all know how much I like to torture/annoy myself with overwhelming projects, I’m thinking of taking on the Infinite Summer reading challenge. The goal is to read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest between June 21 and September 22. Over 1,000 pages of post-modern literature, which doesn’t include the nearly 400 endnotes tacked on. […]

So, I took that quiz that’s been floating around on Facebook, “What [sic] Work of Literature Are You?” My result was Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment: You have an unimaginable ability to rationalize your own wrongdoings. You see the world through your own eyes. Laws weren’t made for you, no, they were made for those who […]

I met Melinda for lunch and exploration yesterday in Hillsborough Village, where she suggested we check out BookMan/BookWoman, a used bookstore she’d been to a few times. I’m learning, very slowly, that there are things about Nashville that are absolutely spectacular. BookMan/BookWoman is one such thing. It was the size of a relatively large walk-in […]

Now that BFAM is underway, you may be wondering where I’ve been lately. And by lately, I mean the entire month of April. To be honest, I’m not even all that sure where I’ve been. Aside from scouring the countryside trying to find my menstrual cycle, which due to some possibly exercise-induced hormonal fluke, my […]

LOTS of shake-ups in the publishing world of late. Simon & Schuster reporting a 3% decline in last year’s profits, HarperCollins closing Collins and handing out lay-offs left and right, the senior VP of merchandising at Baker and Taylor killed in Continental’s ill-fated Newark-Buffalo flight, and a little closer to home, Source Interlink has “taken […]

It is often a struggle for me to have a sister that I care adamantly for. I frequently find myself wanting to make decisions for her, even knowing that the choices I would have her make would sometimes make her unhappy, and that is unfair. As it is, she has recently made the life-changing decision […]

I don’t think I’ve ever explicitly stated who I work for on this blog. I think that’s kind of an okay thing, because I don’t want Google to be able to relate me, my name, and my company without having to do a little work. That being said, on my very first day in the […]