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I’ve spent most of this week looking at disaster pr0n. Instead of getting work done, I’ve spent the week on Twitter, on Nashvillest, watching YouTube videos, and reading We Are Nashville over and over again. Believe me, even I’m surprised by my reaction to this past weekend’s record rainfall and subsequent flooding. While it was […]

My trans-Atlantic BFF, Lis, has kicked off the new year with a Happiness 101 meme. Since I have nothing better to write about (and since Nashville’s 2010 live music scene is so far looking very paltry), I figured, why not? The rules? List 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one […]

Sunny, fall days in Nashville are the best. It’s still too warm for my liking, and so dry there’s a forest fire watch in effect, but the sky is the clearest blue imaginable and the sun is watery and warm. Mare’s tail clouds streak the sky, and even though it’s early afternoon, there’s already a […]

Aside from today being one of the most fantastic days I’ve had in a long time–including no less than a three-hour roadtrip, a tour of Graceland, and Lisa-Marie standing next to the Lisa Marie–I also had one of the most poetic experiences of my life. After standing in the humidity, staring down at the spot […]

BEDA Fail Atonement Month is at an end, and I’m pretty sure that it’s been a mostly useless, if sometimes entertaining, venture. I don’t know what I set out to accomplish at the beginning of the month, and I’m not sure I did accomplish anything. My writing didn’t improve, my readership didn’t expand, I didn’t […]

One thing that annoys me about Nashville is the lack of decent ice cream. Summers growing up in Cincinnati were marked by weekly visits to the Lil Goodie Shoppe, Zip Dip, General Custer’s, and on very special ocassions, Putz’s. And of course, there was always Graeter’s and UDF. Our summertime food groups were: sugar cones, […]

Today is my birthday. And recently, I’ve discovered that I am lacking a certain amount of perspective in my life. A year ago, I was preparing to head off to Bosnia after wrapping up my failed stint in grad school. I was living in DC and I was fully aware of and engrossed in national […]